**New Registration Process and Policy**
EVAC's basketball season will begin soon.  In order to tryout for an EVAC basketball team you must be registered in Register My Athlete (RMA)
https://www.registermyathlete.com  “Register” means completing the entire process described below.  EVAC hopes this will increase efficiency and streamline the registration process, therefore creating less burden for our volunteers.

Registration process:

1.  Create one account per family on Register My Athlete and then register each child for either the girls/boys high school, junior high or
     elementary level.  Please enter your child’s current grade. 
• If you have already created an account for a fall sport, simply go into your account and “register for a new sport”.  (You don’t have to repeat the following
2.  Sign the e-documents.
3.  Upload the following information:
• current sports physical
• concussion certificate (if you have completed this before please follow the link, login to your account, print the certificate, and upload)
• birth certificate 
• high school grade declaration form (if applies)

Tryouts will be in mid-to late-October so please be aware registration MUST be fully completed and approved PRIOR to tryouts.  

If you have questions about how to use Register My Athlete please email Kerri at wayoutinthedesert@gmail.com
Any other questions regarding this policy can be directed to Merl Miller at merlmiller@mac.com

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